1. Defining a Vision: the “Why” and “What” to Give

2. Executing the Vision

3. Why Funders Select PLC Philanthropic Services
Defining The Vision

1. Defining a Vision: the “Why” and “What” to Give
  • Identification of best philanthropic vehicle to meet donor’s goals.

  • Assistance in identifying legal, accounting, and investment expertise.

  • Development of mission statement, strategy, grant guidelines compatible with donor’s goals.

  • Development of policy papers to assist donors in specific field of interest, including national and international initiatives of other funders.

  • Case histories of effective grant-making and information on best practices.

  • Facilitation of family dialogues, often intergenerational.

  • Identification of the most suitable grantees that are responsive to the donor’s interests and to their deeply held philanthropic goals and values.

  • Organization of a range of educational activities to acquaint donors with critical issues.

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